How do I get started?

A ProEmp representative will ensure the enrollment process is an easy transition for you and your staff.

What happens next?

We compile your information and analyze your current position. ProEmp will present a proposal that includes your entire staff and all your needs.

How do I obtain a quote?

Obtaining a non-binding, no obligation quote is easy as 1-2-3. Please provide the following:

  • Annual gross payroll (by job description)
  • Current employee census
  • Most recent workers’ comp audit
  • Current year W-3 Form
  • State Unemployment rate

How much does this cost?

Our administration fee is based on a percentage of your gross payroll expenses. This allows ProEmp to index our service fee to the volume of work required by your company. Gross payroll expenses include gross wages and salaries, your combined employee/employer obligation for FICA tax expense, Federal and State unemployment expense, and workers’ comp expense.

This may sound like a lot and it is a lot of service provided to your company. However, it is significantly less than the real business cost required when you or your staff perform these services.

Do I lose control of my employees?

Absolutely not! You retain control of the management, supervision, hiring and dismissal of your employees. We process the paperwork for government compliance, workers’ comp contact administration and audits, unemployment claims, 401K deductions, child support and wage garnishments.

Why ProEmp, why now?

ProEmp provides a proven payroll system that can be customized to match your specific needs.